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Play as a young child struggling with issues of being alone, and trying to find answers to why life ends. But sometimes a child can make mistakes and can have poor judgment at times, as you try to find peace you decide to use Ouija board to find the truth and stop the feeling of being alone. Yet the things that talk back in the dark aren’t always what they seem. The more you ask, the more you feed your curiosity and the more dangerous it becomes.


• Simple controls

• Randomized AI

• Free Roam

• Unlockable modes


Hollow Cries.rar 182 MB

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its a little bit much with the pixelation but otherwise this game was a great expierience

So very Epic!!!


My critique: I actually love the pixelation. My negative criticism comes from the monster sound whenever you shine your flashlight on an important area. It lacks any interesting quality or dimension to it. It's just this bland singlular "gruhhhh." I think it would make the game much more interesting and difficult (which would be a good thing) if you varied the monster sound by making it far more subtle and different each time. That way, you would have to listen (and look) very closely every time you shined your light to ward off the monster, especially when the TV sizzle goes off. 

Love this type of JUMPSCARE game but agree with some people that it's far too pixelated especially for how much is going on! Either way it is a great game and it gave me a spook 

It's too pixelated, I had a hard time reading what the Ouija Board input. Also, I wasn't able to turn on my flashlight and when I went to soothe the baby crying, I got stuck in front of the crib and was basically a sitting duck. This happened twice before I gave up. Hopefully these things get fixed before official release because it does look like a cool game to play.

I played this game throughout my 3 Random Games video and I like the fact it's pixelated but it's too pixelated IMO. Games like I SEE YOU or IMSCARED are perfect examples of pixelated horror and this one kinda went a bit too far. With some people, when you give them a load of instructions before throwing them into the game, they tend to forget what they read but some people don't.

Here's my video:  (ignore the title, blame 2019 for the fact that 3 Random Games isn't in the title lol)

Played the game on my channel! I really enjoyed it even though it totally kicked my ass! Keep making good stuff! :)

Awesome game by the way, i loved the art style and so much content, great job!

Interesting little game. A lot like your others.

Hollow Cries Gameplay

I played this game for a youtube video, and I had a lot of fun playing it!

The only two downsides I would say that I have with the game is that the pixelation is a little TOO heavy, while I think the filter and effect is cool, it can make it a little hard to look at. Also the game was a little easy, I only died once while I was learning the mechanics.

But all in all, it was an enjoyable experience!

Here's the video for those interested: 

I made a little playthrough of this game :D

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really terrifying I failed so bad have to watch a few playthroughs cause I messed up so bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsDf9Fjf0Tk


Finished chapter 3 and 4! Really loved the style of it.

Wow, this game made me scream out loud and defeated me. 

Interesting game to say the least. It's one of those boogey man type of games, where you defend yourself with a flash light.

Definitely going to make a fullplay through of this.

Game starts at 8:12


Definitely got some legit jumps out of me! Very well done! The first jump almost had me fall out of my chair!

Intensely scary game that improves on Dark Veer in subtle ways! Very creepy atmosphere, and I became very tense when things started happening all at once. 9.5/10

Here's my playthrough:

Was a neat horror game.

The style and sound were good, but that was all I kinda enjoyed.

Can't say it was my cup of tea, I'm not really a fan of the 'sit in one spot while you shine a flashlight on things in your room to stop them from attacking you while at the same time managing your anxiety levels' type of game and the screenshots and description made me think that I'd be moving around a house or something.

Sure this one has the added baby in the room that needs to cry every 30 seconds, but without still being able to freely use the flashlight while your out of bed, it's just another thing to manage and feels like that's the only reason for the free roaming, which makes it a little less free, making it feel like every other game where you sit in bed and shine a flashlight on things in your room.

Also on that, kept getting stuck on objects in the room while going to comfort the baby, since i'd just get up facing the wrong direction and couldn't see which way to go to get free (gee if only there was some sort of device that I was holding just a second ago that could illuminate the area and let me move in the correct direction to get unstuck).

Anyways, I'm sure fans of the horror subgenre this one fits under will enjoy it, I just can't. Made a video anyway, hope you enjoy! 

So I start playing this game... 2 minutes in... "Nope, no thank you, i'm out" That's how you know it's a good game, when you're too much of a b**** to play it by yourself. Great job on the game!

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The first game i managed to play before Markiplier! AND ITS AN AWESOME GAME TOO! :D :D :D

Great little indie game, had loads of fun with this one. Had some great scares and an amazing sound design. Another great addition to the series!


Lots of fun! Made it through all chapters! Wish there was more! Looking forward to what you come up with next! 

I absolutely love this game. I will always enjoy the games coming from you and will always find them terrifying. 

I was confused a bit at first, but when I knew what I was doing it was a GG lol. Anyways, great game with some great machanics it didn't feel like I was playing so long after recording until I looked at the video length 😂 Good job 👍🏾


Легкий хоррор, но все ровно классно :) 

Gave it a go...

Nice game. The graphics are great. Similar to Dark Veer in a lot of ways but I like this one better for some reason. 

The only thing I didn't really like is if you die you have to go through two loading sequences to get back in.



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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors, and i wasn't very fond of the game, gonna be honest. it's not a bad game, hell it's the best one of the the 3, but i really didn't like it personally. I give a honest in-depth review in my video. (Warning review may come across as harsh)


Nice little game, be good to see how far they go with it. Feel free to check out my video on jt


Ouija boards are bad mmmkay.


I'm playing the actual game this time guys 😂 Really good work, loved it


I COULDNT WAIT for you guys to make another one, and i wasnt disappointed. 10/10 needs more whining baby tho. JOHNNY SHUT THE HECK UP!!

im not sure what to do. when I downloaded it, only a text file comes up with some gibberish non sense in it.. what do I do? :((

And wow it's for Windows I really hate myself for chosing a mac, it really sucks.


I realised after recording this that the file was for Dark Veer, I thought it was just a retitle sorry if it came across wrong, developers, i’ll Play the real version and reupload, love your work regardless 

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