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This game has a lot of promise to it, a FNAF style survive the night with creepy monsters, unsettling sounds, and an environment thats familiar but off-putting in the dark. Typically I dislike playing surive the night games off stream because of the potential time commitment, but this is one I'll definitely be coming back to in the future.

I enjoyed this game quite a lot! Although simple, it keeps you on edge throughout playing. This is definitely

something I want to make a series on.

I though it was pretty good, though I admittedly wasn't too fond of the graphics. It is one of the few horror games that takes place in the mind of a small child, which I found rather interesting.

I would appreciate a sub!

Great little horror game! The atmospheric is very creppy, the visuals great (Because I love PS1 games) and the scares are good! 

If you wanna check out gameplay footage before downloading, you can so here:

I think this game gave me the biggest scare ever lol! Really enjoyed it but the process to fall asleep takes a long time so I only made it to Chapter 2. The sounds are probably the creepiest part. Great job! 

Just chapter 1, but enough for me.

Gave it a go...

This was more involved than I initially thought, It was really good fun! 😀


*sips tea* I wish the monkeys would unlock something.

very jump scary lol

really creepy and cool game, loved it ! keep it up! 

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9...10... I won't ever live again.... 

Poor girl... Every night it gets scarier and scarier. 

Very creepy game. Reminds me of a Fnaf style, but with some free roam, which is really nice.


A most scary experience, I recognise your development style, loved doing it.  Look forward to the full game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

thanks for the kind words, i just released a patch that unlocks the 4th level!

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