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You play as a young child who must spend the nights alone as her father works the late shift, but as you sleep strange things keep happening. Each night you try to explain to your father about these unexplained events. But like most parents they chalk it up to a child’s imagination and nothing more, but as your cries for help go unanswered the terror becomes more real, and become different as each nights goes on. So you must roam around your bedroom late at night trying to survive what lurks in the corners.



• Simple controls

• Randomized AI

• Free Roam

• Unlockable modes

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
TagsDark, Horror, Pixel Art, Survival Horror, Unity

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Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Deleted 1 year ago

its now on steam

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I absolutley love this game. It's a 3D pixelated game, and yet it looks so amazing. I play this on the lowest setting because it looks very retro and gives it a scary atmosphere. If you play it on the highest setting, it looks like it has really bad graphics. Love the design, and can't wait for the full version (If it is the full version, then that's cool). There is one thing nothing I would change.

I got REALLY scared when that thing jumpscared me. Good job.

I love the art and the concept of the game and really wouldn't mind if it was more expanding on the story 

Fala galera, aqui está uma gameplay em pt br
Hello everybody, here is a gameplay in pt br

Im having some trouble playing the game..... i downloaded it, i just cant figure out how to play it, Ive tried everything and i would like some help please? :)


HELLLLLLO i played your game for my channel! 

Hey there!

I really loved playing this game, I got jumpscared so bad I lost my breath, amazing! (yikes)

I've made a video on the game, thank you for creating this game! :)

This game is super intense. I don't usually do well with these types of games but I somehow managed to beat the first chapter! This game kept me on edge the whole time.  Here's my playthrough: 

I thought i'd post my letsplay on your first version of this game as well, as from what I gather it is an adaptation. Nice to see how the game is evolving, 5 stars 🙂



That darn monster nearly made me jump outta my chair haha I was in shock for a few seconds. Loved the style and the progressive challenges. Especially loved the eerieness to the game, like the background music after you complete the night and have to exit the room. I was able to reach Night 3 but that was it. I haven't quite figured out how to deal with the closet, including everything else. Maybe I'm missing something. Fun and terrifying game either way!
Awesome work!

Made a video, really liked the game.

Can't tell you how creepy this game is. For a demo it's very long and you even get a one shot mode in case you want to experience the game in a quick burst. I managed to finish all 4 chapters and look forward to the final game this year. The concept is good & the creature is pretty terrifying!

Played the chapter 2 which is in my brand new video! At 0:07.  Will play more chapters soon!

Made a video!

Dark Veer is an amazing horror game, I can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

This game was intensively scary and interesting to play. Can't wait to finish all of it. 

super creepy and loving the pixelated environment! 

Hey, I just included yer game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! Hope you enjoy!

Skip to 0:04 to see when I play yer game!

Finally beat it! Loved the night 3 and 4s mechanics and felt like as a game this was pretty balanced and fun! Pretty hectic but manageable! Game starts at 3:12 in the video

:O This game genuinely scared the SHIT outta me O_O Literally, I needed to visit the bathroom XD

A very nice game and well made! 5 / 5

Dark Veer is a wonderful terrifying experience, the dread that befalls you from everything that you must watch really encourages the feeling on terror. Combine that with an appealing pixel art style and morbid sounds and you get a wonderful fear inducing experience.

Had a blast playing Dark Veer on my channel! I loved the concept behind this game! The mechanics were on point and made it very difficult to fall asleep! Not to mention that pixelated art style was amazing! Check out my video if you'd like :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Do you not have a software that can just extracts files? such as WinZIP or 7zip (which is free)? You literally just open the .rar file, hit extract choose the location and thats it once it is done extracting it should work. Unless you are using a Mac for gaming at that point you should think about your life choices

Deleted 1 year ago

It would be good to pop up a promt saying that the door closes by itself when you look at it. people keep trying to click it shut. i enjoyed the game though. keep it up! 

Can you make it playable on linux? It looks really fun!

That was an Amazing experience. And i liked it a lot because it is a longer game. Good job dev's!


CURSED WINDOW got me good!

Thanks for the fun :)! 

crazy game




I think I see a closet boi..... 

Really great looking game! Really creepy from the graphics to the sounds to finally hearing the monster lol Got me pretty good! 

Game looks really good!  I enjoyed trying it out! 

Nice game! Great atmosphere and use of sound and pixelated graphics. Got jumpscared pretty good. I only played chapter 1 so far but looking forward to the rest.

i pressed enter and it didn't wor

I have only played a few minutes as it's late here but WOW a grand experience so far! I was scared half to death when that thing jumped out :P

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