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Its soo good! I play it on the Switch. Hard, but I love it!!!!

Where can I install in from I don't have the money to buy it on Steam...

I only played the first chapter and due to the atmosphere I literally froze up and forgot the mechanics of the game. It was an amazingly terrifying experience and I loved it! Can't wait to make more videos on The Childs Sight for my channel!

Gave it a go...

Hey! Ive done two vids on this and got to chapter 3, but when I go the crib to continue it just loads back to chapter 3 being locked?? help! I really wanted to finish this game :'(

This game was awesome!!!

The EYE of a Child - The Child's Sight

Check out more here!

The best indie terror

la verdad muy buen juego y buena jugabilidad

 aqui el gameplay en espaรฑol

GREAT GAME! It was tense, the atmosphere helped create a terrifying and beautiful environment! I did feel as if the difficulty could be picked up slightly, just felt like there was quite a bit of downtime without the potential to be scared. But I absolutely loved it! Keep up the WONDERFUL work!

Iโ€™m terrible at these types of games but I gave it a shot and loved it. Gonna make a series out of it

Such a clever little baby! Shame the game is a FNAF style game, would be pretty promising otherwise. 

This game was fun but iit doesnt work with my touchpad mouse very well. i did enjoy the fears being played on though

I thought your name seemed familiar as, you were the creator of bedtime blues! Not sure why you took that game down as, it was very enjoyable.  I could see they both have similar play styles and, maybe even stories in a way. It seems like you took your knowledge of bedtime blues and, applied it to this game to make an, even better game.  Although I enjoyed this game as, much or if not more than that understanding the controls and, mechanics of this game was way harder it seems I wasn't alone in this seeing previous comments. I don't think the "tutorial" gave a good enough instruction on what to do. Also I agree with another on not being able to find the closet am I blind? haha  Hopefully in the future if you release another game you don't take this one down as, I mentioned bedtime blues was a great game.

i loved it. great atmosphere and awesome controls. Awesome Job!

So far I like what I see! I didn't get any far because in the first memory I couldn't find the closet so I kept on dying. But other than that, good job!

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Played this game for  FREE indie horror video. It's a fun little game with some interesting story. Not very original as its just the FNAF formula, however that doesn't mean it's bad by any means, although it is a fairly easy game. All in all i give it a 8/10. (Yes i'm aware it's still in development, and my opinion is of its current state) You can checkout my playthrough below. (ALSO! PLEASE CONSIDER ADJUSTING THE FOV TO A HIGHER NUMBER... I CANNOT STAND GAMES WITH FOV'S BELOW 70)

Would totally play this game if it got support on linux!  ๐Ÿ‘Œ

your know i never though to see any dolls but another part will come soon 

promise but love how its play tho but i see the patch say "chapter 3" so you know what gonna happend

I loved this game and I'm waiting for the rest of the chapters :) 

this game is amazing hope you continue development

This is so good you guys did amazing at making a scary game Good Job 

This was really good and similar to the joy of creation bedroom :D

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Very creepy game. The graphics are fantastic and the audio is great. 
Nice job


I was nearly at the end but she showed up...!!!! ;(((((((


THIS POOR POOR CHILD! | The Child's Sight | Chapter 1

this is just fantastic! really really creepy! grandma didnt want me to pass chapter 2 so for now, chapter 1 is done! but we will be back! :D great job on making this game :D 
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Tbh wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into this game, was expecting another BS garbage indie horror game, but this took me by surprise! Now I wasn't super SCARED per say, but it was nerve racking to keep up with all the things you had to do! 


Hello ;) i play it and i fail 2 Times but it make's fun to play ,) here is my Video


so far i played unto chapter 1 very interesting way to see childhood nightmares..  

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We really liked this one ...Nice horror game ...It was intense....Stressfull..We are looking forward for the next chapters...


Here's my video for this game!  I like where they are going with this!


Okay so I RAGED A LOT! That doesn't mean it was bad game  ; in fact it was an amazing game! The movements were smooth , you didn't have to be so precise when it comes to interacting with objects so that's really good. Graphics were nice ; I just wish you could change the brightness cause i couldn't see a thing haha. But at the same time it makes the experience 10 times better. Continue the amazing work, If you did watch my video @developer ; Just know I really enjoyed it despite my raging haha


The game page didn't do a great job of communicating what kind of game this was, so I had to check it out. I have to say, first off, the game looks and sounds amazing. Really, it looks like a UE4 game. But I was pretty disappointed to find out that it was a FNAF style horror game after digging into it a bit. The first person exploration had me curious, but as soon as that stopped, I was done. I have a feeling that this is just a personal preference, I've never liked those kinds of games, so I can't hold that against the game. But it was pretty disappointing to find that out instead of knowing going in so I could have avoided it altogether. But again, really great work on the visuals and sound, they really are superb.