I have just released a big 2.0 patch which expands the game in many ways, for example.

I have added a fade effect on the teddy bear so when you scare it away it will no longer just disappear; I feel it adds more polish.

I have added a whole new mechanic along with a new chapter, and a new mechanic will be introduced in each chapter explain what to do instead of having it all at once.  The bedroom will also get darker later in the chapters, I added more to the story also with hints in the background later in the chapters.  I also fixed a small bug with the bear under the bed.

I think I fixed the mouse going off screen in windowed mode, but if that is still an issue please let me know.

I also noticed some people had issues depending on their screen resolutions, so the game will auto adjust to lower rez screens.

I added a new design to the chapter screen which makes it look a lot better.


I want to thank you all for the feedback and kind words, I will keep working hard to make it better!



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