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Great game, it will be released on the switch. Pixelization, graphics and models are very well made. The game is comfy and enjoyable to play. Waiting for the full release on the PC!


So sad this free project died. But still, i am really glad this will come out on nintendo switch! I will buy it if it will come out and if i will get a switch.

Don’t see a download link?

I guess it's about money now.

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What's wrong with getting money for one's hard work? Correct Answer: Nothing is wrong with it.

no download links??

gceaffywfy hi ;)

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from germany

Overall the game is really good. My only problem with the game is that the sleep meter fills way to slow maybe you could have it go a little faster when your eyes are closed. But overall the game is really good.


Interesting game! There are some small bugs, but I am so pumped to play more! 

This is such an awesome game!! super glad i got to finish the demo but i am dead excited for the full game!! :D great work on this game :D

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I played this game a few weeks ago before the recent UI changes were made, just so ya know. If there could be an optimization made for people with more than one monitor, playing this would be a lot easier and generally more enjoyable. Other than that, I'm diggin' the pixelated visuals. The gameplay, however, should focus a lot more on free-roaming instead of sitting in one spot like Boogeyman's gameplay. The audio should fit the pixelated vibe... in other words, make it even more distorted and f*cked-up than before. I know that's an edited baby doll voice ripped from YouTube, but I wouldn't mind voicing this teddy bear if you'd like actual voice actin'. Just a bit of constructive feedback, that's all, my dude. Here's my gameplay to boot (and yeah, I'm aware of the mic/webcam off-sync; I'm still gettin' used to that sorta setup and pretty much have that solved nowadays, hahah):


I had fun playing this game! Loved the desaturated color tone it really gave it a creepy vibe! 


I really enjoyed this game. I only played the first night but it was pretty fun.

This game really hit home on my list of favorite indie horror games. I had just finished UCN 50/20 before playing this one and boy was it a breeze! I absolutely loved the audio engineering and soundtrack of the game. The visuals were great: the lighting and character models were phenomenal and the pixelated style is fantastic. The teddy bear horror thing isn't used very often anymore and still feels pretty unique! I definitely enjoyed the game and I can't wait for more! Thanks for making this!

thanks for the feedback :)

Such a clever horror game!  The concept and style was really cool! 

AMAZING GAME it could be the next baldi you know small indie game gets seen by a big youtuber news spreads everyone loves it then fake ios versions then lit updates and the CASH MONEY

Bedtime blues reminds me of games like try not to fall asleep and, fnaf 3  but, has it's own elements to it. I think i played this game before there was a story to it unless the first time i played it I accidently skipped it. The story behind  the bear and him being passed down is interesting and, I think it helps tie into the game and, what is going on with it. Wonderfully made!

love the game but i have to agree that "teddy bear mechanics should be expanded on" from  VidEvage statement! but love the games idea and direction its going! 

I enjoyed this. Pretty good demo concept, even if I've seen the format before.
I feel like the teddy bear mechanics should be expanded on though. Other then that, looking forward to what you can put together with this. It's definitely off to a strong start and I'd love to see the full story one day.

I have a tendancy to add voices during my gameplay. So while you did have that wonderful teddy bear voice in game...I sort of, expanded on it in my own way.

Attached is my run on this game if you want to see another guy fool around with your game.

Good Concept, definitely like the game and would recommend all of you guys to give it a try! P.S. Game developer if you see this please fix the mouse going off to my other screens, I see this so many times on many Unity games. Good game though really enjoyed! Might do more nights!!! 

Very Pretty Game! I'm afraid that Teddy dolls will come to my dream ...XD
재밌게 했어요!

Night 1-3 was great :O the graphics are a big TOO pixely but overall, great concept and game.

Had feedback/criticisms I hope will help the full game :P otherwise - possibly too easy.

Thanks for the feedback and playing my demo, i am working on new AI that adds later in the chapters which should also make it harder

A KILLER TEDDYBEAR? | Bedtime Blues | Night 1

this is very very creepy!! moving teddy bears and mannequins is a big no no!! and this is just awesome!! :D really awesome job on creating this game!! XD

Thank You for playing, future updates will make it better :)

Ce Teddy se prend pour Freddy! J’ai adoré le défi!

Thankyou for taking the time to try my game out

Very fluid and pretty creepy a good play.

I especially like the addition of the under bed sneak attacks really keeps you ready to react. Sweet pixelated art style too the 3D environment with a retro lens lovely.

Wow the game are so cool im love horrors games >:)

Nicely mad horror game! And the mechanics seem to work pretty well together as well I may have had an issue with having a dual monitor and clocked out of the game a bit but either way it was fun to play and had some scares in it =-3



thanks for playing :) i will work on a lock mouse to avoid the outside of screen issue

Hihi awesome duder =-3 Nice job on the game though, keep up the good work duder.!

Love it, It's scary and hilarious at the same time, I really hope you progress the story in this? maybe do chapters :) it would be cool to see them passed down another generation maybe looking more dilapidated and torn :P 


Unplayable on dual monitor setup because the game does not run as true fullscreen, ie the mouse can move over to the second monitor and the game pauses when you click out

thankyou for letter me know i will work on this issue :)

Yes this is a most entertaining and scary game, if anyone does not think a teddy can kill, think again,.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Not the easiest game to play late into the evening. The controls may be simple, but there's still a lot of things to take care of when playing. That means that it's stressful, but you also get challenge and depth, considering the overall setting of one room. The pixel graphics kind make the horror elements easier, compared to more realistic graphics.

We'd love to see this game in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Interesting game seems like there is a lot of things to keep track of though takes awhile to get used to it. The alarm clock wouldn't shut off for me maybe I forgot the button I thought it was E maybe I was wrong.

How is a teddy bear even capable of strangling a child...?

Gave it a go...